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The advancing quantum technology is expected to spark a new technological revolution and enhance the innovations of tomorrow. It plays an important role in the applications of AI and can also be applied to the fields of computer science, material science, medicine, data science and FinTech.


MOST GASE Summer Program: Quantum Technology (Q+) will take place in Taiwan. The aim the program is to promote a broader understanding of quantum technology. In the six-week program, students will gain insights into the research breakthroughs of this field and learn the application of AI. The carefully curated program will also allow students to build professional networks and engage in multidisciplinary research in both quantum technology and AI. 


This program offers introductory lectures on quantum computing and its applications. Students will work closely with distinguished professors and scholars.

Research Labs

Students will join leading research labs in Taiwan and participate in projects with local students as well as fellow program participants.

Cultural Activities

Students will participate in a wide range of activities to explore the culture and beauty of Taiwan.

Corporate Visit

Students will visit a local corporation to learn how technology drives business growth.

Program Duration

June 17 - July 27, 2019

Program Schedule